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Life in Hostel

Hostel Life at CPWS, Bilaspur provides your ward with an amicable environment with a real view of the world, giving him/her unparalleled opportunities for sporting, cultural and leisure activities. Boarders at CPWS make a difference. As learning is centric to all the activities at CPWS, students are engaged in productive ways with the help of a well-balanced activity schedule, covering the major areas of development like academics, sports, and co-curricular activities. Personalised care and round the clock monitoring plays a major role in their overall progress.

Peer interaction is highly encouraged at CPWS hostels which develops the student's traits of tolerance, compromise, caring, and sharing in a regulated environment. It helps hostelites develop mutual trust and create lifelong bonding. Students are trained and motivated in such a way they learn to prioritize their requirements thus becoming more systematic in their approach as individuals.

Proper etiquettes, good manners, and other social skills are instilled in students under guided supervision and they are carefully monitored to ensure implementation.

Students with flair and aptitude for sports are trained under able trainers and coaches, who enable them to excel in their chosen field. Each student is motivated to select a physical activity to ensure mental and physical fitness.

CPWS provides food for students, cooked in a hygienic kitchen by a professional catering service. The menu includes a variety of dishes. The well lit, ventilated spacious, and insect-free dining hall caters to all the hostility students and the staff. The teachers dining with the students supervise their eating habits along with table etiquettes.