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Career Point World School is not only tasked with preparing children for their future careers, but also teaching essential life skills, habits and attitudes that will help them successfully navigate adulthood. In order to do this and to provide the best learning experience, we provide our students with both - indoor instructions and outdoor physical activities.

While kids explore school playgrounds, they are building important life skills that will eventually help them become effective thinkers, leaders and collaborators. Unfortunately, play is under scrutiny as school administrators, teachers and parents feel pressure for children to "perform" academically and spend more time in classroom instruction. And with the prevalence of electronics and the amount of screen time children are receiving each day, recess and free play on a playground are more important than ever.

By creating an environment where children can experience unstructured play, you're not only supporting their physical health but also increasing their chances to succeed in the classroom. Kids pay more attention to academic tasks when they are given frequent, brief opportunities for free play. Recess can also have a calming effect helping with disciplinary issues and impulse control.

Unstructured physical activity on the playground helps kids become smarter, healthier and stronger.

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